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Discover Camper Trailers Adelaide

Step outside and see Adelaide and Australia from a different viewpoint, take all of your loved ones, and create memories that will last with our camper trailers Adelaide. Matt’s Extreme Outdoors offers you the convenience of travelling and camping while making sure you bring everything you need or might need along the way. We have a variety of camper trailers Adelaide from Mars Campers that are ideal for your long road trips and camping activities. Matt’s Extreme Outdoors is managed by experts who have been in the retail industry for more than sixteen years so you know you get quality products and excellent customer service. We want you to get the best outdoor experience and take on new adventures by bringing you a wide range of outdoor adventure products such as motorbikes, camper trailers, skateboards and scooters, and also apparels that fit every outdoor function. Visit our retail store at 491 Grand Junction Road, Adelaide and check out which camper trailer is best for you.

A Variety of Camper Trailers Adelaide for Every Camping Style

Matt’s Extreme Outdoors offers a variety of camper trailers Adelaide from Mars Campers. We feature hard floor and hard or soft top camper trailers and forward or rear folding camper trailer which you could choose from depending on the type of activities involved in your camping trip. To ensure durability, all our camper trails have 75mm x 50mm chassis rails that are hot dipped galvanized. For safety, all campers are fitted with 10in electric brakes. Our trailers have height adjustable rear stabilizing legs and heavy duty jockey wheel. The spacious living spaces are made of high quality fabric and stitches that make it tear resistant. Every camper trailers Adelaide comes as a package with a stone guard, electric brakes, poly block, hitch, stainless steel water tank, water pump and kitchenette. Our strong yet affordable camper trailers are easy and hassle-free to set up therefore you can achieve the comfort of living spaces outdoors in just a few minutes.

Go on a Camper Trailers Adelaide Adventure Today

Get out and go an adventure today with our top of the line camper trailers Adelaide and see the rest of Adelaide and South Australia from your car. Matt’s Extreme Outdoors makes it convenient for you to choose your adventure equipment. Our friendly staff and orientation towards customer satisfaction makes our services naturally customer centric. We strive to give you the best quality products that are most suitable for your needs and taste while making sure you will get the most fun in your outdoor adventures. We will guide and assist you on how to make the most of your camper trailers. Our camper trailers come with a limited warranty so you are sure we will replace or repair parts that will fail due to manufacturer defect. Check out our available products in stock at our online catalog at www.extremeoutdoors.com.au or call us at 1 300 687 155 to inquire about product availability.

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Email us at customerservice@extremeoutdoors.com.au and let us know what you are looking for. You may also visit our store at 491 Grand Junction Road, Wingfield, Adelaide.

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