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In the interest of safety, all bikes purchased from Extreme Outdoors Australia must be assembled by a certified bike mechanic. Warranty will be voided if our vehicle is not assembled by a licensed mechanic. Buyer is responsible for connecting any loose screws, wires, bolt, etc that have become disconnected during shipping.

This warranty is extended only to the original consumer purchaser for non-commercial use.


Repair/Replacement (same or reasonably equal value) of parts that may have failed due to a manufacturer defect. (May require sufficient proof of defect by having faulty part return to base on request or photos provided)

Supply of parts approved for claims within the duration of the Limited Warranty period.


Cost of freight or insurance for return of parts to us and back to you.

Any consumable or expendable items such as brake pads, filters, light globes, spark plug, clutches, fuses, chains, tyres, pull starters, battery unless they were faulty initially.

Any labour by third parties.

Any labour by Extreme Outdoors Adelaide Head Office/Warehouse mechanic outside the duration of the warranty.

Limited warranty period of 30 days only from the date of sale to cover spare parts only. Labour will be charged by us to repair the defect if you chose to have us replace the faulty part. This warranty period is effective from the sale date i.e. Invoice or dispatch date (with reasonable amount of time for receiving the item).

Any tube will not be covered such as punctured tube or rip valve in tubes will not be covered.

Maintenance, wear and tear items such as tyres, brake pads, filters, battery, clutches, cables, chains, light bulbs, fluids, oils and etc are not covered by this Limited Warranty.

Paint and chrome defects and scratches due to shipping, transportation and handling are not covered.

Third Party Labour and Freight are not included in this Limited Warranty.

Extreme Outdoors Limited Warranty is on the basis of return to base, freight pre-paid i.e. freight paid by claimant (purchaser of the product) of the parts to be replaced under Limited Warranty.

Return to base will mean return to Extreme Outdoors Head Office/Warehouse at Adelaide, SA if required/requested by Extreme Outdoors.

Damage that occurs due to misuse or improper care of the vehicle including, shipping damages, riding recklessly, accidents, jumping with vehicle, excess weight limit not designed for the vehicle or gross misuse is not covered by the warranty.

The warranty shall not apply to any claimed item that has been repaired by third party or modified.

Extreme Outdoors Warranty will not accept responsibility for in-transit damage. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you take up insurance for any freight for the product or parts being shipped to or from Extreme Outdoors.

Damage to piston and ring due not running in the engine.

Damage to pistol and ring due to dusts if you do not have the correct type of air filter for the conditions that you ride in

Damage to engine due to improper maintenance.

Damage to engine due to incorrect amount of oil filled.

Any damage caused by accident or water.

Second hand products will not carry any form of warranty.

Risks involved in operation of bike

Buyer accepts all risks involved in riding any of the vehicles which are sold, dangers which involve serious bodily injury by operating the vehicles. These risks are dangerous and can involve paralysis, dismemberment, disability and death. These results can be the result by the buyer’s action and manoeuvres involving: themselves, others, specific circumstances of riding the vehicle or neglect of negligence of others or themselves. There may be other risks known or unknown to buyer. Buyer will take full responsibility and accepts responsibility for the events that may not be foreseeable including social distress, costs, losses, economic losses and damage caused by person riding vehicle.

Other Details

Extreme Outdoors Limited Warranty is not transferrable to another party and is only in place for the original Purchaser.

We do have a few technicians to assist with any issue you may have with our product. Please remember that you are purchasing your item wholesale, and if we are not physically on location with you, you will need to be our eyes and hands to walk you through any warranty or technical issues and have patience. If you need to take it to your local small engine dealer for repair or warranty work we will work with them for any warranty repairs, as long as the manufacture and your small engine dealer agrees. Please remember, due to the low cost of our product the parts are included in your warranty but the third party labour naturally is not.

EXTREME OUTDOORS extends assistance in advice and best course of solution for problems that may develop after the Limited Warranty period expires. This assistance is extended to all customers.

Warranty claim will be reject if return to base products and parts have no purchase/customer details, written claim and freight prepaid.

Buyer must treat the bike like any other vehicle and service the bike with qualified person as well as doing regular maintenance. (For example, not adhering to oil change and running in engine will void warranty).

Most spare parts are available but in the event if we are out of stock for certain part, we can order it in from overseas manufacturer, any waiting period will be added back to the warranty period.

Any of your local motorcycle repair facilities may be able to repair your bike. However, please organize with our warranty/service department for your claim first. We can arrange to have the warranty parts sent direct to that facility for you.

In some cases, the parts may have to be shipped from China and may take up to 4 weeks for delivery.

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